ReUsable Teabags

ReUsable Teabags


To  b r e w  your loose tea leaves and spices....🍂


Here at WILD THORN designs, I am aligning with a more eco-friendly & sustainable approach by utilising every piece of ‘wastage fabric’ when garment panels are cut out! ♻️ 

I have created these re(usable) drawstring teabags are made from the OG Hemp linen offcuts: a contribution to the reduction of single use plastic with natural fibres!  #plasticfreetea


Hemp fabrics are durable & strong, they also have anti-allergic & anti-mildew properties; limiting the chemical migration single-use plastics may give off on to your food.

  • A note for you:

    • Simply place a desired amount of loose tea leave or spices into my pouch & pull on draw string to close 

    • You can wrap my string around your cups handle while I sit to brew

    • Once your tea is at its desired strength, gently squeeze me & rinse after every use

    •Sit back and enjoy


    How to wash me:


    Place me in a cup with hot water and a teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda. Allow to soak for a few minutes. Take out, wring me and hang to dry.


    Made with 55%hemp & 45%organic cotton linen