Veld & Sea | medium hemp tote

Veld & Sea | medium hemp tote


A vibrant hemp carrier bag suitable for your groceries, books, beach accessories & picnic lunches! Say no to plastic & embrace the beauty of the nude & raw nature of these hemp carriers! 


Please note* designs & colours may vary as each tote is indivdually handdyed.


It is hand-dyed with and has an internal pouch to slip your valuables into. 

Dimensions: 38cm x 48cm 


55% hemp & 45% organic cotton blend | medium hemp canvas, unlined.







  • Product Info

    *Please Note


    This is hand-dyed textile art made with love and intention.

    Due to the nature of some dyes, items may fade with time.


    Each and every design is entirely unique and cannot be replicated

    Therefore, you may not receive this exact item but one similar of essence.


    Many are limited editions and are one-of a-kind.


    These designs may have irregularities and vary in size & colour.


    Here we bring light and beauty to the very essence of human touch.