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"My goal is to arouse your authentic expression; to embrace the diversity

of  hemp fabrics & natures alchemic elements, inspiring a eco-lifestyle -

with a flair of abstraction, movement, texture, colour and form.


hemp is low-impact

upon the environment


  • naturally neutral tones such as creamy whites, greys, browns and blacks.

  • retains dye extremely 


  • type of ‘bast fibre’ derived from are made  from the stalks of the ‘cannabis’ plant.

  • produces twice as much fibre than cotton yield from the same size land

  • 3 x the strength of cotton


  • breathable and wicks away moisture

  • anti-bacterial & anti-allegic  properties 

  • anti-mildew & mold resistant


  • a weed, that grows densely & chokes out competing plants

  • reduces pests / no pesticides

  • needs little land & water to cultivate


  • Wears in, not out!

  • gets progressively better with time

about the process

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about hemp

What makes it a more sustainable option?


my ethos

On this journey, I have discovered that the body is a part of our human nature. I believe our body is a divine gift that needs to be kept fit so it doesn't obstruct our spiritual efforts.

I also believe that what you adorn and surround yourself with, is an extension the self - a living manifesto of your experiences, feelings, emotions and wellbeing.  And the Mother Earth has everything to do with our mere existence, so why not join in union and contribute to keep the earth fit and healthy whilst appreciating the beauty that lies within it?

With the rise of technology and fast-pace Consumerist Culture we have seen in our lifetime: I believe that Society is ready to embrace ethical and natural alternatives to mass produced products that surround us.

W I L D T H O R N designs came into fruition from my deep rooted desire to arouse the collective and promote ecologically friendly and sustainable living with handmade items that have a flair of expression, touches your wild soul! 



meet the maker

Kelly Rowlands

Visual Designer & self-taught hempstress

My work aims to reveal a new energy towards the Hemp Industry whilst supporting local businesses. Focusing on the beauty of hemp's raw aesthetics and natures alchemic elements; each item is naturally hand-dyed, a process which allows me to slow down, engage and explore the dyes & the fabric. 

Working on my own brand allows me to find my own sense of self-expression, unleashing my creativity by doing what I'm passionate about - working with my hands.

Furthermore, I aim to assist in reducing the negative impact of waste pollution upon the environment by recycling plastic shopping bags to create padding for selected products and aim to utilise every piece of ‘wastage fabric’ when garment panels are cut out!

My collection includes authentic accessories, homedecor items, clothing & apparel made from certified 55% hemp & 45% organic cotton blends, proudly locally sourced from the Hemporium in Cape Town. 

hello retailer...

If you are a retailer/ business looking to stock my products or looking for something specific? Please feel free to contact me and let's make some magic happen!

about Wild's collection:

Tapping into the art of detail: embracing the anomalies, fluidity, bleeds, boldness and subtle intricacies infused into the woven natural textures of the hemp fabric. Here we discover the mysterious beauty of the transient and inconsistent nature of earthiness through resist dying techniques transformed into one-of-a-kind accessories, home-decor and apparel. 

Deeply inspired by ‘Wabi-Sabi’ philosophies, ’Shibori’ dying techniques and in awe of South Africa’s flora, veld and sea, visual designer Kelly Rowlands focuses on raising awareness of the sacred beauty of the natural world by harmonizing raw aesthetics and lifestyle design.


Encouraging your imagination to run wild. 

more about hemp

Wild Thorn designs is a small one-woman bespoke 

artistry business based in Cape Town, South Africa.

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