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W I L D  T H O R N.studio

came into fruition from my deep rooted passion to work with my hands and curate a shop filled with beautiful, unique handcrafted pieces inspiring an earth-conscious and sustianble lifestyle. My collection includes home decor, bags, accessories, yoga essentials, clothing and plastic-free reusables. 


The core of my work aims at building a bridge between Art & Sustainability whilst arousing your authentic expression. I believe that true adornment isn’t about impressing anybody, it is about leaving a unique impression on the world.

In honouring Mother Earth and my love for raw aesthetics, I work with plant-based mediums sourced locally in South Africai. These fibres include hemp (an environmental superfiber) and organic cotton blends (linen & canvas), jute, rayon, organic bamboo and silk. For the Shibori Collection (hand-dyed artistry), I delve into exploring alchemic mediums such as organic dyes (spices, organic waste, iron and fynbos founding my surrounding) and earkthfriendly, non-toxic water-based inks.Where possible, I love using recycled and thrifted materials found and collected that I can breath new life into.

For this reason, some of my items can be replicated and some will be once-off, unique pieces.


My mission is to also collaborate and co-create with fellow independent artisans, crafters , healers and mothers who embody a shared ethos. My hope is that making, curating and sharing the creations of my personal collection as well as local & Cape town based entrepreneurs, I can assist others to experience the heart and soul imbued into the essence of the handmade. To do so in support of our beautiful planet.


Please visit again soon to keep an eye on my new creations!

With Art & Soul, Kelly xx


Wild's Shibori collection


Harmonising raw aesthetics and lifestyle design, my hand-dyed collection explores the conversation between the intricacies and beauty of human / nature through the use of a modified version of Shibori - a Japanese resist dying technique. 

Shibori is a  process of manipulating fabric by twisting, bunching, binding, wrapping, twisting and stitching and binding, Once the bundles are bound, they are then dipped into a dye bath where an alchemic fusion happens to create the mysteriously, organic, surreal 

patterns, echoing lines and forms found in the natural realm. 


This process brings forth infinite variations within repetition, giving the pattern a liveliness that is difficult to imitate with machines – a slight change in fold here, a shift in thread there, a splash of colour here. Each piece has spirit of it's own.

about the process


Hemp & Organic cotton fabrics are first scoured to remove unwanted wax-like dust particles, then soaked in soya milk/vinegar(mordant) to treat the fabric. Whilst the fabric is being prepped, the colour is brewed for a few hours to desired hue. Fabric panels are then cut to desired size.

The  wildly organic patterns are created by manipulating the fabric by twisting, bunching, binding, wrapping, twisting and stitching. 

I love using such tools as a meditative journey to interweave feelings, thoughts, emotions and senses into the very fabrics. Surrendering to the process. Once I started to fully surrender to the process without those restrictions, I tend to conjure up focused beauty, leaving me with an internal satisfaction - exceeding far beyond intention. This is where my name “wild” originates from. Tapping into the infinite sources of the intuitive & creative flow. Allowing it to be natural, organic and untamed.

The fabric bundles are then emerged into the dye baths for hours or days. The fabric is then unbound, washed, hung to dry and then made into beautiful functional works. 

Dye mediums include: beetroot, cabbage, black beans, spices, onion leaves, rusted irons and earth-friendly dyes .



hello retailer

If you are a retailer/ business looking to stock my products or looking for something specific? Please feel free to contact me and let's make some magic happen!

I'm also open to collaborations and POP-UP events!

hemp is low-impact

upon the environment


  • naturally neutral tones such as creamy whites, greys, browns and blacks.

  • retains dye extremely 


  • type of ‘bast fibre’ derived from are made  from the stalks of the ‘cannabis’ plant.

  • produces twice as much fibre than cotton yield from the same size land

  • 3 x the strength of cotton


  • breathable and wicks away moisture

  • anti-bacterial & anti-allegic  properties 

  • anti-mildew & mold resistant


  • a weed, that grows densely & chokes out competing plants

  • reduces pests / no pesticides

  • needs little land & water to cultivate


  • Wears in, not out!

  • gets progressively better with time

about hemp

What makes it a more sustainable option?


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